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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Twice-baked bread rusks

Twice-baked bread rusks are typically on hand in homes of the Sephardim of Rhodes Island. Biscotchadas are mildly sweet, light crunchy rusks with honey brown edges sprinkled with sesame seeds. They are made with the same dough as our festive bread. Versions of these ochre coloured rusks are so popular in Greece, especially in the Dodecanese islands called Paximadia.

Although this ancient recipe is time-consuming and fiddly, working quickly when shaping the twisted ropes of dough, which are then cut into rusks, then twice- baked they are a boon to have at home as they keep for months. Biscotchadas are perfect on their own, dunked in coffee or scrumptious with any kind of Greek cheese, creamy or sharp, with Kalamata olives. They are also irresistible with ripe chopped tomato doused in extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch of dry oregano.

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