Stella's Art

Stella’s art reflects the journeys of her ancestors as well as the mysticism and symbolism of women and their archetypes in other Sephardic cultures.


She has exhibited her work at galleries and museums internationally including:

  • The Strack van Schyndel Gallery, Rosebank, South Africa (1990)

  • National Art Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa (1992)

  • Commissioned by the Sephardi Synagogue of Cape Town, South Africa, to produce 12 panels titled ‘The Twelve Tribes of Israel’ (1993)

  • ‘Bendisiones de Vera’ held by the Yeshiva University Museum and the American Sephardi Federation (ASF), New York (1999)

  • Oracle Women at JCC in Houston (Sept 2000)

  • Grand opening and dedication of the ASF Gallery at the Centre for Jewish History. Stella’s 7-metre artwork marking the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 (Sepharad 1492) is the centre-piece of this Gallery and is on permanent exhibition at the centre of Jewish History in New York (Sept 2000)

  • ‘Celebrating the Sephardic Woman’ – Oracle Women II at the ASF (Nov 2000)

  • A fund raising event for Scleroderma held by Jason Alexander in Houston, USA.  Stella donated a painting ‘Sarah’ which was auctioned (Oct 2001)

  • ‘Afrique’ a series of naïve art with rural African themes depicting comical animals were inspired by the birth of her grandchildren (2006)

  • Sabbath Bride II is on permanent exhibition at the Beyachad Community Centre, Johannesburg (2010)

In addition to creating her own artwork Stella established and headed a new printing division for Cone Textiles, Zimbabwe (1983), creating ethnic African Prints for the sub-Saharan market and was responsible for the design and production of 12 million metres of fabric a year for the following ten years.

Designed glass dinner service sets (1994) with recycled glass, portraying Judaic mystical symbolism, which was exported to South Africa and the US.

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