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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Rhodes Island-Style Leek, Potato & Fresh Herb Fritters

Keftes de prasa i patata

Vegetarian fritters abound in our Rodesli cuisine. Leek and potato patties with masses of fresh herbs and scallions are scrumptious with a crispy fried decadence and a healthy, luscious interior. These can be offered as an appetizer or meze when entertaining or enjoyed as part of a family meal. Keftes de prasa are customary on the festivals of the New Year and on Passover. I have enjoyed making these with the more rustic texture and frying them until crispy in olive oil. They keep well in the fridge and rewarmed until crisp in the oven before serving with tzatziki, (pg47 - Stella’s Sephardic Table and in the recipes section on the website

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