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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Pickled Stuffed Aubergine

Berendjena reynada en salamura

Food-preservation techniques appear in most culinary cultures - pickling vegetables, made in large batches for the winter, is one of them. The Rhodeslis have for centuries encompassed this ancient art in their kitchens.

My sister Vera and I grew up with jars of colorful pickles on our kitchen counter.

I like to make an appetizing pickle with baby aubergines (eggplants) from my garden. This was always a favourite pickle at our table. My mother, of Turkish Sephardic descent, made berendjena reynada en salamura, stuffing aubergines with a tasty mixture of chopped celery, garlic and chili, wrapped with tender celery stalks and then pickled.

These pickles make a perfect side to any Mediterranean style meal. Adjust the heat to suit your palate with the chili and enjoy!

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