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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Meat-filled Potato Croquettes Sephardic-style

Rollos de patata i karne

In my family our go-to comfort food as children over Passover, besides the traditional matza bake, quajados and matza fritters, burmuelos de matza, were the scrumptious meat-filled potato croquettes. Rollos de patata i karne were my mother’s recipe inspired by her Turkish roots, especially at Pesah, as a tasty alternative to chicken or meat bake. In fact, I make these delicious croquettes all year around and substitute matza meal for breadcrumbs. They make a fabulous standby especially when my grandchildren are around. I simply fry the uncooked frozen croquettes in hot oil and serve with a green salad. I hope you try these at your Seder! Wishing you Happy Passover, Pesah alegre!

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