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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Matza & Chicken Passover Sephardic Quajado

Kuajado de gayina kon matza

Quajados (kuajados) are such a popular Passover dish made with a combination of vegetables, ground beef or chicken and eggs baked into a kind of gratin or frittata. The Judeo-Spanish name for this emblematic dish cooked by the Jews of medieval Spain is derived from the Spanish word aquajados meaning coagulated or curdled referring to the eggs.

For Pesach my favourite is the chicken matza bake with scallions (spring onions), and loads of fragrant parsley and fresh dill.

This year I am sharing this classic dish with a twist for a more aromatic version with warming spices that is so tasty.

Traditionally quajado is served warm or at room temperature with hard-boiled eggs huevos haminados and a tangy green salad. I hope you give this a try it’s a wonderful dish to make anytime of the year. As we say in Ladino, Kome kon gana, enjoy!!!

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