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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Grape Leaves Stuffed with Rice & Fresh Herbs- Yalangies.

Most Sephardic meze and festive tables will include a platter of plump glistening grape leaves, stuffed with rice, vibrant fresh herbs, spring onions and pine nuts, cooked in olive oil with lemon and garlic. They are also known as yalanji falso, meaning ‘false’ or ‘lying’ in Ladino as they are meatless. Served at room temperature these bites are ideal as an appetizer or meze at a summer lunch accompanied with yoghurt dip (page 47). Despite the stuffing and wrapping of the grape leaves, it is surprisingly easy and immensely satisfying. Rolling may take a little practice but it does make an easy healthy and vegan appetizer – many hands make light work.

See recipe in Stella’s Sephardic Table page 144

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