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  • Stella Hanan Cohen


For centuries the descendants of the Jews of Spain, now scattered all over the world still continue handcrafting marzipan (masapan) from freshly ground almonds with an orange blossom sugar syrup.

A variety of these prized “masapan“ especially appear at milestone celebrations. We offer dainty petit fours called in Ladino “pastel reale“ - mouthwatering marzipan filled with lemon fondant “sharope” and topped with a silver ball.

The crown of our prized confection are marzipan filled baked star- shaped pastries, similar to macaroons called “gizadas de masapan”.

It is with love and blessings that I have prepared these ancient sweet treats for my second granddaughter’s batmitzvah celebrations soon in New York. Once we again continue our cherished Rhodesli tastes and traditions to the next generation.

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