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Aromatic Carrot Salad

A wonderful way to brighten up your table is to serve this easy Moroccan-inspired carrot salad, infused with an exotic dressing that is both spicy and sweet.

Festive Bread

Roska is a sweet festive bread; some variations are eaten simply day-to-day for breakfast or coffee, while more elaborate types are made for Jewish holidays and milestone events.

Eggs Poached with Tomatoes

Huevos kon tomat is an easy and fast stand-by that consists of eggs poached in a fresh, thick tomato sauce and served hot in the same frying pan in which it is cooked.

Meat and Rice-filled Pies

The pièce de resistance of Sephardic pies are the small meat and rice-filled pies shaped like little pots with straight sides and decoratively crimped lids to seal in the filling.

Lamb Kebabs

Juicy cubes of marinated lamb are threaded onto metal skewers and interspersed with wedges of red onions
and squares of tomatoes.

Fragrant Rice Flour and Milk Pudding

Called sutlach by the Sephardic communities of Turkey and Greece, this is a light but nourishing rice pudding. Traditionally it is served on Friday night, after Saturday Sabbath morning services, as part of the meal breaking the fast on Yom Kippur, or for the Jewish festival of Shavuot.

Greek Country Salad

This salad is packed with juicy sun-drenched tomatoes, sweet red onion and crunchy cucumber (olives and feta are mandatory).Other ingredients depend on one’s preference and availability of fresh pickings.

Braised Hard-Boiled Eggs

Huevos haminados is one of the most ancient and characteristic foods in the Judeo-Spanish repertoire. In a Sephardic kitchen red and brown onion skins are always saved and stored ready to make these beautiful eggs.

Cheese and Potato Tartlets

These dainty, cupcake-like tartlets (gizadas - derived from the Spanish quesadilla for cheese turnovers) are a speciality of the Greek Islands.

Meat and Rice-stuffed Vine Leaves Stewed with Beans

Vine leaves stuffed with meat, rice and fresh herbs and stewed with beans is perhaps the most well-loved and treasured dish characteristic of Sephardic home-cooking from Rhodes.

Potato, egg, olives and fresh herb salad

This tasty citrusy-flavoured potato salad, redolent with fragrant herbs and tossed with black olives, capers and quartered hard-boiled eggs, makes a fabulous accompaniment to grills or roasts.

Almond-filled, Honey-drenched Crescents

Travados are crescent-shaped almond and spice-filled biscuits, soaked in a hot honey syrup and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

Doughnut Puffs

Doughnuts, or deep-fried fritters, are the symbolic food amongst Judeo-Spanish communities on Hanukkah, when the Festival of Lights, the miracle of the burning oil lamp in the ancient temple in 166 BCE, is celebrated. Bimuelos is derived from the Spanish word bunuelo, which was a popular yeast dough fritter in medieval Spain.