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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Swiss Chard Stuffed with Meat & Rice

Yaprakes de pasi

After months away, I have just returned home to pick some luscious velvety leaves of Swiss chard growing in my garden to make yaprakes de pasi. The cuisine of the Jews of Rhodes is heavily influenced by the Levantine and Greek food heritage we inherited. I recall with fond nostalgia, my mother rolling with her nimble fingers seasonal leaves: grape, cabbage, and Swiss chard, enveloping an aromatic meat and rice filling. Swiss chard leaves give a tart taste and robust texture to making yaprakes de pasi uniquely flavorsome stewed on a bed of vegetables. This is yet another sumptuous dish made with humble seasonal ingredients, so popular at family gatherings. I hope this dish inspires you to make it over the weekend accompanied with a rice pilaf and green salad.

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