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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Rhodes Island-style stuffed vegetables with meat & rice

Tomat a la Turka (Verdruras reynadas kon karne i arroz)

Aubergines, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers are hollowed out and filled with lightly spiced ground meat, rice and fresh herbs then simmered with diced vegetables in an aromatic tomato broth. They make a colourful flavour-packed dish, delicious for entertaining or just wonderful at family gatherings. I like to make this a day in advance for the tasty flavours to develop.

‘Tomat a la Turka’ as this dish is affectionately called by the Rhodeslis, is one of those nostalgic childhood dishes that I love to recreate especially with my family joining in to scoop and fill the vegetables. It’s so therapeutic preparing the stuffed vegetable feast together. This wholesome meal is cooked and served in the same oven-to-table casserole accompanied with a fresh, zesty green salad. I do hope you give this dish a try, it’s easy to make and prep ahead!

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