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  • Stella Hanan Cohen


I am so excited to introduce my granddaughter Gemma, and her exciting new social enterprise, Moio, to you all. Here is a quote in which she explains the wonderful work she is doing: “I founded Moio to create a path toward economic stability for Zimbabwean artisans who struggled due to pandemic induced economic hardship. On my trips to Zimbabwe throughout my life, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with craftspeople. In the midst of the pandemic, when tourism to Zimbabwe plummeted to an all time low, I felt compelled to create a global platform to sell the handcrafted, beaded bracelets, made by the skilled artisans with whom I had connected. Because of Moio’s success in broadening the reach of our artisans, I felt a need to extend this mission. All of Moio’s profits are reinvested in a vocational training program I established to help women who have been abused or suffered due to crippling poverty enter the workforce. By the end of the program, the women we train will be able to support themselves as beaders.” Subscribe to Gemma’s newsletter and Instagram here Moio website: Moio Instagram: @shopmoio

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