• Stella Hanan Cohen


The Sephardim of Rhodes are especially known for their openhearted hospitality, conviviality and love of life “gozar de la vida”.

The epitome of our home-style entertaining is evident at our colorful meze table laden with never ending platters of seasonal fresh salads, crispy vegetable fritters, scrumptious gratins, a bounty of tart pickles, bowls of creamy dips, and mouthwatering savory pies, making this an absolute culinary delight.

Growing up multiple generations of family and friends would come together to share and enjoy stories and recollections, “kontar konsejas”, all the while savouring dishes from this mini feast.

Multi-lingual idioms prefaced these get-togethers with the words: ‘Salut’, ‘Buen provecho’, ‘Bon Appetit’ or ‘Le Haim’ as glasses of crystal clear ouzo were clouded into a milky drink when ice was added and toasts were made.

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