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Handcrafted savory pies

Handcrafted savory pies are much loved by the Sephardic Jews. With origins from medieval Spain “empanadas ” turnover pies, evolved when we migrated and settled in the Ottoman Empire to their popular version “borek”. Flaky pastries “boyos” and an endless array of other pastries flavor-packed with vegetable and cheese or meat, rice and fresh herb fillings emerged. These pies collectively known as “desayuno” in Ladino which is also the same word for breakfast are traditionally served with slow cooked hard boiled eggs, huevos haminados. As Swiss Chard is plentiful now in my garden with the summer rains I have made a batch of “Bourekas” and “Boyos” with the Chard ,a mixture of Greek cheeses and fresh dill . I freeze them after baking and find them so so convenient to have on hand to warm up for a light, scrumptious meal or snack for the family.

See recipes in my book “Stella’s Sephardic Table” Jewish family recipes from the Mediterranean island of Rhodes.

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