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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Coffee Rolls - Roskitas

Roska is a sweet festive bread; some variations are eaten simply day-to-day for breakfast or coffee, while more elaborate types are made for Jewish holidays and milestone events.

With origins in the Greek egg and sugar bread called tsoureki, this bread is typified by a slightly sweet flavour and long-stranded texture when broken apart. Roska is topped with sesame seeds, and traditionally whole blanched almonds are added for celebrations.

For casual fare, the roska is shaped into small coffee rolls, roskitas or panizikos. The baked roskitas are delicious warmed through and served for breakfast or teas accompanied with olives, sliced ripe tomatoes and cubes of feta cheese. My family loves to eat them piping hot and fresh from the oven with a fruit preserve.

For the Recipe - See page 182 & 185 in "Stella's Sephardic Table"

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