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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Almond Semolina Cake Soaked in a Honey-Citrus Syrup

Shamali (tishpiti)

Semolina cakes drenched in syrup are one of the most popular cakes in the East Mediterranean with endless regional variations and names.

The Sephardic almond and semolina cake, Shamali, made by our foremothers in Rhodes Island, is fragrant with ground Greek mastic, which adds a unique pine-scented depth (or simply with ground cinnamon).

The cake is soaked in a lemony honey syrup scented with orange blossom water after baking and then topped with whole toasted almonds for that extra nutty crunch.

Shamali is delightful served with coffee or as a spectacular finale with whipped cream and fresh berries that helps balance the intense sweetness. I hope you try this fuss-free dessert for the coming Rosh Hashanah. It is one of the customary Rhodesli sweet offerings to augur a joyful year.

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