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  • Stella Hanan Cohen


Lemons are some of the staple flavoring ingredients of Rhodesli food. Tangy lemon juice is liberally squeezed over chicken soup (avgolemono), grilled meat kebabs, or appears as an emulsion of lemon and olive oil that makes a perfect sauce poured over sea bass or grilled red mullet. Lemon juice dresses the profusion of our Mediterranean vegetables dishes and also used to sharpen salad dressings with olive oil.

As autumn approaches in Zimbabwe, juicy lemons freshly picked from my garden are just perfect for making “Sharope” - lemon fondant. This glossy white fondant scented with orange blossom was traditionally served in Sephardic homes in Rhodes Island especially at festive celebrations to augur sweetness. See recipe “Stella’s Sephardic Table” p.235

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