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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Rhodes Island-style Cheese & Potato Tartlets

Gizadas de patata i kezo

The Sephardic repertoire of savoury hand-pies have now become indescribably popular throughout the East Mediterranean and beyond. What usually comes to mind are the endless array of bourekas, boyos and pastelikos. Gizadas de patata i kezo are unusual dainty pies (derived from the Spanish quesadillas) cheese turnovers. The Jews of Rhodes Island make a divine savoury version of the sweet cheese specialty of the Greek Islands. These delectable mini tartlets have a thin pastry that is fluted, star-shaped, encasing a luscious potato, cheese and egg filling. Gizadas are reminiscent of family gatherings growing up as a child - for brunches, tea-time or as part of a meze. They are perfect warmed up for a tasty snack to nibble anytime of the day!!

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