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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Bourekas Pies with Aubergine, Onion & Tomato

Bourekas de berenjena

Sephardim from Rhodes Island have inherited from the Ottoman culinary heritage our affinity for the most beloved and versatile vegetable – aubergine, otherwise known as eggplants. It is not surprising that one of our tastiest pie fillings is in Ladino – Gomo de Handrajo – are diced aubergine simmered in an onion, fresh tomato and extra-virgin olive oil sauce, with fresh parsley. This moist and satisfying filling is perfect for the ever popular savoury pastries, bourekas, which are simple and easy to make, or the more elaborate pastelicos. The pie filling may be made ahead of time as the flavours only improve. Once baked they freeze well, but be sure to reheat well and serve these mouth-watering vegan pies warm and crisp.

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