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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Meat and herb-filled potato croquettes

Meat and herb-filled potato croquettes Rollos de karne i patata

A scrumptious addition to this year’s festive Sephardic Passover table are potato croquettes stuffed with a mouthwatering meat, fresh herb and pine nut filling that are deep fried until golden and crunchy. My mother’s Turkish inspired recipe for ‘rollos de karne’ make a tasty alternative to the traditional Pesach signature dish of the Jews of Rhodes – the meat and matza bake, ‘mina’ or ‘quajado de karne’, a dish of ancient origin that dates back to our Iberian ancestors of Medieval Spain. I like to freeze these, uncooked, as a fabulous stand-by, especially when the grandchildren are around. I simply fry the frozen croquettes in hot oil and serve.

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