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  • Stella Hanan Cohen

Eggs Poached with Tomatoes Huevos kon tomat

Huevos kon tomat are an easy, versatile, one-pan dish of eggs poached in a fresh tomato sauce, aromatic with paprika and cumin. This popular dish, known as shashuka throughout the Middle East and Israel, also appears in Turkish cuisine as menemen. Often bell peppers cut into strips and chunks of spicy sausage are tossed in the tomato sauce for a more hearty and substantial meal. My preferred version is the Sephardic-Rhodesli recipe that includes oil-cured black olives, crumbled feta and handfuls of chopped parsley, adding a whole other dimension of flavour to the dish. Be sure to serve it immediately in the pan straight to the table, with lots of warm pita bread to mop up the tasty sauce for any impromptu meal – be it breakfast or a light dinner.

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